Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sucker Pump! - Perfect Heels for New Year's

*Drool* Aren't these the hottest, most glamorous heels you've ever seen?
I fell in love at first sight! And, you can't beat the price!
I saw these heels the other day at Kohl's on sale for $31.97
and I just couldn't resist. I had to get them!
To add, if you have a Kohl's card you can get 15% - 30% off!
So, total I only paid about $23 for a pair.
Unfortunately, I got a size smaller so...
I gave mine away as a Christmas gift and I know she'll love them
and wear them proudly on New Year's.

I'm still debating whether or not I should go grab myself a pair...
what do you gals think? Love them or leave them?

Wal-Mart Christmas Gift Brush Set Review

If you've ever bought drugstore brushes before you would agree that the quality isn't the best. But, these aren't just ordinary brushes! Now, let's not over exaggerate...these brushes are just as good as high-end ones, but it doesn't mean all of them are excellent. If you're just starting out these brushes are for you. $20 isn't bad for 7 full-size brushes and 4 mini ones along with cases. If you were to go to MAC, a full-size brush would cost you about $30-$50. To further add, the after Christmas sale marks these brushes for $10 only! What a steal!
But, you gotta hurry 'cause even now these brushes are selling like crazy! 

*Note, I received this brush set last Christmas so I've had awhile to use and try out these brushes*

Time to review each brush individually starting out with the full-size brushes!

The first brush on the left is a powder brush. I, personally, have never used this brush before for powder whether it's pressed or loose powder. I'm not a big fan of this brush. Honestly, I don't use it! There, I said it!
I have used it for blush before and this brush sucks...but of course it's not a blush brush, is it? :)

Next, the foundation works just as well as a high-end foundation brush. It feels soft against the skin and doesn't feel cheap. 

As for the blending brush, it's the same as the powder brush. I don't really use it for blending or bronzer because the application is horrible! Unless you are using a highly pigmented blush this brush is for you. I only use this brush to apply my E.L.F. blush in Passion Pink (my favorite).

The eyeshadow brush is...average. It's not the best I've used before but it's not utterly horrible. I will say that this brush didn't last that long because after I washed it a few times the glue was coming loose. So, this brush fell apart on me! Bummer!

The eye blending brush is great! I love it! Unlike Ecotools eye brushes this eye brush actually doesn't poke or scratch my eyelids. It's very soft and durable. I haven't used it for blending before, but mainly for highlighting the inner tear ducts and applying bits of eyeshadow on my lower lash line. Definitely a fave!

Flat and angled eyeliner brushes are pretty much useless to me. I don't really use gel liner so I don't find these brushes that useful. When I have used gel liner, I do prefer using the angled eyeliner brush for more precision than the flat eyeliner brush. Both are soft; I'm not used to using these brushes so I don't have much to say about them. They're not for me, but if you tend to use gel liner a lot or like to use brushes like these to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line...these two are for you!

Minimize time!

I'm not going to repeat my opinions about each brush. Their the same as the full-size ones except these are travel size. They're perfect for traveling and work just as well as the full-size brushes. My favorite would still be the eye blending brush although the eyeshadow brush is almost as good. I only use that brush for contouring around my nose.

Overall, the brush set is a nice substitution for higher end brushes especially if you're just starting out, and perhaps if you want to expand your brush collection a bit. On each brush, there are little (fake) diamonds of some sort which glams up these brushes and the black color is très chic. The bags are definitely different than the ones I received last Christmas. This year's is more leathery--not real of course. Mine was more of a plastic fabric texture. Also, I believe there is a plastic cup holder for your brushes! This is very convenient. I actually lost mine!

I hope this review helped y'all a bit on the quality of these brushes and maybe even a gift suggestion.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naked Palette 1 vs. Naked Palette 2

About two weeks ago, Urban Decay cosmetics launched a new eyeshadow palette called Naked2 or the Naked Palette 2. This palette was sold within the few hours when it was released. I was lucky enough to obtain one when Urban Decay restocked it a week after its release. Yet again, this palette sold out within hours. Now, is it better than Naked1?

Pros vs. Cons of Naked1

two skin-tone colored MATTE eyeshadows
variety of neutral, warmer-toned shades
includes eyeshadow primer
decent eyeshadow brush (could do w/o the brush...meh)

 too many shimmery shades
flimsy case

Pros vs. Cons of Naked2

MATTE black eyeshadow (finally)
variety of neutral, cooler-toned shades
includes a nude lip gloss
double-sided brush --> eyeshadow/blending brush (much better)
better case so less worry about breakage

too many shimmery shades (but this can also be a good thing)
doesn't have Naked or Buck 

Which one wins?

Personally, I would still choose Naked1 over Naked2 only because Naked and Buck aren't in Naked2. It's the Naked Palette so it should at least have Naked and not Half-Baked since most of the eyeshadows are already shimmery/glittery.Seeing all the posts about this got me so hyped up but after having it I think I could have done without this palette, although I feel I would match the cooler-toned shades in Naked2 than Naked1. It's great for the new shades of neutral eyeshadows and the matte black eyeshadow. UD products are always high-quality and amazingly pigmented. Even if I feel this way I am very happy to have Naked2 and won't give it up for anything! I love it even with my doubts. I haven't used it as much yet and am still experimenting with the colors. Definitely recommend it. As pricey as Naked2 is ($50) I feel the money I spend on a whole bunch of eyeshadows adds up so...this palette is worth it. :)

MyGlam December Bag Review

I couldn't wait until my MyGlam bag arrived. It came in a metallic pinkish-purple envelope and a very chic makeup bag! <3 Now, if you don't know what MyGlam is it's similar to Birchbox, a $10 monthly subscription to receive a makeup box, or in this case a bag, filled with deluxe beauty samples from high-end brands such as Urban Decay. Lancome makeup spokesperson and famous Youtuber Michelle Phan created this monthly subscription along with other makeup gurus such as Jessica Harlow, AndreasChoice, Promise, and Macbarbie07 that do videos on how to use the products in the MyGlam bag.

 This is the metallic envelope it comes in. Cool, isn't it?

NYX Lip Cream in Istanbul  

     Tarte lights, camera, lashes! mascara

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin (also in Naked Palette 1)

Mai Couture blotting papers (everyone has different colors)


I actually have nothing negative to say, which is rare because I always have something to say about a product!  I honestly am amazed at the product choice for the December MyGlam bag. It has all you need for a look: eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, mascara, lip cream, and blotting papers. On top of that, there's a variety of NYX lip cream colors in every MyGlam bag. I saw on the site that there was a reddish one but I received a pink color, which is great because I cannot pull of red. As for eyeshadow choice, it's a neutral, frosty, FULL SIZE eyeshadow great for the upcoming cold season...and the launch of the UD Naked Palette 2. Sin is featured in the first UD Naked Palette as well as the mini UD Eyeshadow Primer that comes along with the palette. The Tarte mascara is also a great choice. I've actually tried out this mascara before and it makes my lashes look voluminous--and I have thin Asian lashes! On the other hand, the blotting papers weren't so exciting. I've never used them before because I don't have oily skin, but there's a first for everything. Good thing the bag comes with another sample of Mai Couture blotting papers. I can try them out and if it's not for me I can give the blue ones away. Besides the deluxe samples the MyGlam bag also has codes for discounts off certain items. There are two: $15 off UD Book of Shadow IV and 25% off of Mai Couture blush and blemish control products. That's just the extra oomph in the bag! 

Overall, I love the MyGlam bag! I was very hesitant on trying this out because I've seen my sister receive similar samples in her Birchbox subscription and I felt it wasn't worth $10. I guess you have to see it to believe it, eh? This would be a great gift to anyone whether they are a beauty/makeup geek as I am.